Monday, February 13, 2017

new music & some announcements

2017 is already proving to be busy. a new Mother Excelsia album is in the works. here's a sample.
for this album i will be experimenting with adding additional guitar + bass layers. it will be a little more quasi- than -improv.

i'm currently in the middle of two Ixrillia albums now -- still working out some stuff with Silholnul, and also working on a new batch of stuff. very spastic, intense, fast-paced stuff. a little more refined than the improvised Sil demo.

i'm sitting on a mountain of Bog Sirens recordings right now. combing through those slowly... we pretty much record a new crop of material once a week at this point.

booking shows soon... stay tuned.

in the meantime, J.Shannon and i got together the other night and jammed out this 36-minute monster. free download on bandcamp and soundcloud. enjoy...

Friday, December 23, 2016

new Excelsia improvisations -- "Aeons of Judgment"

final release of 2016. dark, heavily textured, distorted voices summoned from eight strings. about 35 minutes of material.

up next in 2017:
- Ixrillia - "Silholnul Ertholnul Ixrillia Exor Akathica Noctoran Octnothogon Axoxaxoxa Excelsia"
- Bog Sirens writing and performing new material
- writing for a new project. possibly a band? we'll see.
- and lots and lots of fighting and resistance...

see you soon.


Monday, December 5, 2016

ANTRIARCHA reincarnated as BOG SIRENS, "S/E/I/E/A/N/O/A/E" in december/january

we had concerns about our original name getting mixed up with other bands, and so we've chosen to distance ourselves from it and move into a new entity. the project remains a natasha + Miranda collaboration, and we are going harder than ever before.
new material in the works... keep an eye on soundcloud & here for updates.

keep an eye out for january. we're going to make sure we ring in 2017 heavy.

Ixrillia material will be getting pushed back a bit, if only because i have gotten a little more "serious" about the compositions and have chosen to chart out and re-write / add segments. i think this is a good thing, though; i want to make sure that this is the kind of stuff that i could play live or by heart if i wanted to, and it's an extremely fun challenge to force myself into this pit of technicality, honing my skills further and further with each recording.

until next time


Monday, November 21, 2016

"Novalmnavaar" soundcloud drafts + "Silholnull Ertholnull Ixrillia" sc demo

currently 4 tracks. recording quality may differ wildly between tracks.
resuming recordings soon.

each track is meant to be representative of one day of recording.
"Novalmnavaar" is part of the #novembeat challenge on twitter, to create one song a day for the month of November.
mental health and global oppression is probably the biggest obstacle.
will be recording an extra long segment to cover days 8 through 21.
"Novalmnavaar 6-1" was repurposed as "Silholnull" -- more info below...